What this means for the past, present, of future of the United States of America

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On May 25th, 2020, Minneapolis police officers arrested George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, after a deli employee called 911 accusing him of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. Just seventeen minutes after the first squad car arrived on the scene, Mr. Floyd was pinned beneath the knee of…

Virtual reality is the new frontier that has opened countless possibilities for developers and consumers to explore, but it is also a new horizon for businesses to venture and implement into their business models.

As of today, more and more industries are beginning to utilize VR in their business practices…

A poem about life

Sometimes I feel like my life is a game of 2048
A crowded board of 4’s, 8’s, 16’s, and 32’s
Scattered throughout
No rhyme or reason
They can’t seem to find their way to each other

All the big and small things shuffled around
Representing all that I must manage
Wondering at…

Up until recent years, the idea of fully immersing oneself in a digital virtual reality (VR) experience had been confined only to the fantasy of futuristic science fiction. However, the future is now, as VR technology is already well on its way to becoming a mainstream medium amongst consumers as…

Phil Harrison at Stadia Announcement, GDC 2019

What Stadia has taught us about the past, present, and future of gaming.

In March of 2019, Google announced the launch of its all-new, cloud-based gaming service — Google Stadia. Stadia’s main selling point is that it does not require any external hardware, such as a gaming console or PC, to be able to run and play video games. Instead, Stadia allows its…

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