25 Most Influential Women to Follow in VR in 2020

1. Yasmin Elayat

Twitter: @yelayat | LinkedIn: Yasmin Elayat | Website: elayat

2. Amber Osborne

Twitter: @MissDestructo | LinkedIn: Amber Osborne | website: amberosborne

3. Jeri Ellsworth

Twitter: @jeriellsworth | LinkedIn: Jeri Ellsworth | Website: jeriellsworth | YouTube: Jeri Ellsworth

4. Ana Garcia Puyol

Twitter: @anagpuyol | LinkedIn: Ana Garcia Puyol | Website: anapuyol | Medium: @anagpuyol

5. Saku Panditharatne

Twitter: @asteroid_saku | Medium: @m0nologuer | Blog: Saku Panditharatne

6. April Speight

Twitter: @vogueandcode | LinkedIn: April Speight | Website: vogueandcode | YouTube: Vogue and Code | GitHub: aprilspeight

7. Helen Situ

Twitter: @HelenSitu | LinkedIn: Helen Situ | Website: helensitu, Virtual Reality Pop | Medium: @helensitu

8. Liv Erickson

Twitter: @misslivirose | LinkedIn: Liv Erickson | website: livierickson | Medium: @misslivirose

9. Eva Hoerth

Twitter: @downtohoerth | LinkedIn: Eva Hoerth | Medium: @downtohoerth

10. Timoni West

Twitter: @timoni | LinkedIn: Timoni West | Website: timoni | Medium: @timoni

11. Sarah Hill

Twitter: @SarahMidMO | LinkedIn: Sarah Hill | Website: Healium

12. Malia Probst

Twitter: @TheMalia | LinkedIn: MaliaProbst | Website: VRScout

13. Nicole Lazzaro

Twitter: @NicoleLazzaro | LinkedIn: Nicole Lazzaro | Website: nicolelazzaro

14. Nonny de la Peña

Twitter: @ImmersiveJourno | Website: Emblematic

15. Amber Roy

Twitter: @amberroyVR | GitHub: Amber Roy | YouTube: amberVR

16. Cher Wang

Twitter: @CherWang

17. Dr. Sana Farid

Twitter: @drsanafarid | LinkedIn: Dr. Sana Farid

18. Samantha Kingston

Twitter: @K_Samantha1 | LinkedIn: Samantha Kingston

19. Jazmin Cano

Twitter: @JC_3D | LinkedIn: Jazmin Cano | Medium: @JC_3D

20. Rosie Summers

Twitter: @VR_Rosie | LinkedIn: Rosie Summers | Website: rosiesummers | YouTube: Rosie Summers

21. Joanna Popper

Twitter: @JoannaPopper | LinkedIn: Joanna Popper

22. Jenn Duong

Twitter: @jenndefer | LinkedIn: Jenn Duong | Website: jennduong | Instagram: @jenndefer

23. Navah Berg

Twitter: @NavahK, @TheHiveVR | LinkedIn: Navah Berg | Medium: @navahk | YouTube: Navah Berg — Social VR

24. Lydia Choy

Twitter: @choy | LinkedIn: Lydia Choy

25. Yuka Kojima

Twitter: @GameGeekGirl | LinkedIn: Yuka Kojima

Master of my own destiny. CS | Writer | VR enthusiast. basereality.co

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Brandon Kerman

Brandon Kerman

Master of my own destiny. CS | Writer | VR enthusiast. basereality.co

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