25 Most Influential People to Follow in VR in 2020

1. John Carmack

Twitter: @ID_AA_Carmack

2. Palmer Luckey

Twitter: @PalmerLuckey | Website: PalmerLuckey

3. Hugo Barra

Twitter: @hbarra | LinkedIn: Hugo Barra

4. FReality Podcast

Podcast: FReality — VR Podcast | Soundcloud: FReality — VR Podcast | Twitter: @FRealityCrew | Facebook: FRealityCrew | Youtube: FReality — VR Podcast | Twitch: FRealityPodcast

5. Galit Ariel

Twitter: @galitariel | LinkedIn: Galit Ariel | Instagram: @theargirl

6. Ben Lang

Twitter: @benz145, @RtoVR | Website: RoadToVR | YouTube: Road to VR

7. Cory Corvus

Twitter: @CorvusVR | LinkedIn: Cory Corvus | Website: CorvusVR.com

8. Kent Bye

Podcast: Voices of VR Podcast | Twitter: @kentbye | LinkedIn: Kent Bye | YouTube: Kent Bye

9. Cymatic Bruce

Twitter: @CymaticBruce, @SVVR, @AltspaceVR | YouTube: Cymatic Bruce | LinkedIn: Bruce Wooden | Website: Cymatic Bruce

10. SadlyItsBradley

Twitter: @SadlyItsBradley | YouTube: SadlyItsBradley | Twitch: SadlyItsBradley

11. Clay Bavor

Twitter: @claybavor | LinkedIn: Clay Bavor | Website: claybavor | Medium: Clay Bavor

12. Scott Vandonkelaar

Twitter: @ScottZLVR | LinkedIn: Scott Vandonkelaar | Website: ZeroLatencyVR

13. Adrian Sciutto

Twitter: @asciutto | LinkedIn: AJ Sciutto

14. Jeff Chang

Twitter: @jeffchangart | LinkedIn: Jeff Chang | Website: JeffChangArt

15. Christopher Crescitelli

LinkedIn: Christopher Crescitelli

16. David Matz

YouTube: David’s Dream Factory | Picuki: @davidsdreamfactory

17. Zachary Lynn

Twitter: @Trinity_VR | LinkedIn: Zachary Lynn | Website: TrinityVR

18. Linus Sebastian

Twitter: @LinusTech, @linusgsebastian | YouTube: Linus Tech Tips

19. Cameron Kootz

Twitter: @producerly, @pulledin | LinkedIn: Cameron Kootz | Website: Pulledin Productions

20. Ian Hamilton

Twitter: @hmltn, @UploadVR | Website: UploadVR | LinkedIn: Ian Hamilton | Podcast: The VR Download | YouTube: UploadVR

21. Nick Risher

LinkedIn: Nick Risher | Website: Arenaverse, Arenaverse Gaming

22. Ryan Wyatt

Twitter: @Fwiz | LinkedIn: Ryan Wyatt | YouTube: Fwiz

23. Cathy Hackl

Twitter: @CathyHackl | LinkedIn: Cathy Hackl | Website: cathyhackl | YouTube: Cathy Hackl

24. Derek Belch

Website: STRIVR | Twitter: @STRIVRlabs | LinkedIn: Derek Belch

25. Helen Papagiannis

Twitter: @ARstories | LinkedIn: Helen Papagiannis, Ph.D. | Website: AugmentedStories, XRGoesPop

Master of my own destiny. CS | Writer | VR enthusiast. basereality.co

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Brandon Kerman

Brandon Kerman

Master of my own destiny. CS | Writer | VR enthusiast. basereality.co

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