Sometimes I feel like my life is a game of 2048
A crowded board of 4’s, 8’s, 16’s, and 32’s
Scattered throughout
No rhyme or reason
They can’t seem to find their way to each other

All the big and small things shuffled around
Representing all that I must manage
Wondering at which point they will all consolidate
Revealing that prized piece
That 2048

One that I’ve cultivated over my series of moves
Handling all pieces the game throws my way
Every move made
Good or bad
Adds one more piece to the board

They never stop coming
I must conquer them
They must not ruin my game
I must use them to my advantage
They must become the sum of my score

Sometimes though
You get that piece
That sneaky piece
The piece that forces you to rearrange
The plan you originally had for your pieces
Is now a different plan

If you are able to work your pieces back around
Put them back into place
You have succeeded this once
You have not let the game win
Not yet

Look at that score
Keep building that number
Powers of 2 never felt so good
Momentum is key
Never slow down

Be careful though
Don’t get too caught up in your satisfaction
You are not free from that sneaky piece forever

Nonetheless, just remember
No matter how hard you try
You can’t remove pieces
It’s always on to the next move

The game
Paradoxes in reference to each other

The more you win
The longer it lasts
There is no endpoint in sight

Keep going or don’t
Either way
You have already won
You have already lost
And everything in between

2048 is an illusory goal
2048 turns to 4096
4096 turns to 8192

It is in this regard
That there may be no point at all
All that is found will eventually be lost
And all that is lost will be found again

Let it free you
Don’t be bound by it
It is how you make it
You have the choice
You are in control
You are as you are
It is how it is
Make it into something

Greater or less than 2048
It does not matter
Just play

Master of my own destiny. CS | Writer | VR enthusiast. basereality.co

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Brandon Kerman

Brandon Kerman

Master of my own destiny. CS | Writer | VR enthusiast. basereality.co

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